Muhammad Syafrudin

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Sejong University

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Muhammad Syafrudin currently works with Sejong University, Seoul, Korea, since March 2022. Previously, he worked with Dongguk University for 3 years as assistant professor and 5 years as graduate researcher. He received his B.Eng. from UIN Sunan Kalijaga in 2013 and earned his Dr.Eng. from Dongguk University in 2019.

He has been engaged in research and development (R&D) in Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI), Industrial Analytics (IA), Industrial Informatics (II), Industrial IoT (IIoT), Industrial Big Data (IBD) for over 10 years. During this period, he has (co-)authored more than 60+* publications in conferences, books/chapters, and esteemed journals. These publications include works in renowned journals such as Expert Systems with Applications, Food Control, Mathematics, Biocybernetics, and Biomedical Engineering, which have collectively garnered over 1770+* citations. Furthermore, he has actively contributed to the academic community by serving as a chair, technical program committee, guest editor and/or reviewer for over 60+* served outlets, both to stay abreast of advancements and to enhance scholarly discourse. Additionally, he serves as an instructor offering practical undergraduate courses covering programming languages, linear algebra, big data, and database systems, as well as graduate-level courses such as Topics in Machine Learning and Introduction to Deep Learning.

Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions and/or are interested in research collaboration.

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