Muhammad Syafrudin

Department of Artificial Intelligence, Sejong University

Seoul, Republic of Korea

He currently works with the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Sejong University, Seoul, Korea, since March 2022. Previously, he worked with Dongguk University for 3 years as assistant professor and 5 years as graduate researcher.

He carries out research and development (R&D) in Industrial Artificial Intelligence (IAI), Big data, IoT, Informatics, etc. He is also an instructor with practical course on undergraduate topics in programming languages, linear algebra, big data and database systems.

He is on a mission to fulfill the AI department's educational goals, "F.O.C.U.S.":

  • - Fundamental knowledge
  • - On-the-job experience
  • - Change and adaptation
  • - Unbounded challenge
  • - Social contribution

Donโ€™t compare yourself to anyone else because we all have our own unique journey and story that we should be proud of. โ€”

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